Practice, Perform, Repeat

May 20, 2013

In the beginning, there is an artist and a dream. Then there are lessons and years of practice and graduations and eventually the realization that you're succeeding at making a living doing what you love most. It turns out, though, that that is where the work really begins.

Evolving art

May 13, 2013

On January 13, 1910, the first American public radio broadcast aired, featuring Enrico Caruso live from the stage of The Metropolitan Opera. On April 15, 1923 came the first commercial screening of a motion picture with sound-on-film. Although it was not the original intent of either, these events made the concept of "popular music" possible.

Small changes

May 10, 2013

I love to set out on walks when I'm in a new place. It helps me to familiarize myself with my surroundings and feel more at home when I'm uprooted. But as I approach my 10-year anniversary of living in New York, I realize how little I walk around my own city and take advantage of all it has to offer. …


May 1, 2013

For as long as I can remember, traveling has been a part of my life. My parents took us everywhere from summer cross-country road trips to Caribbean cruises to tours of Israel. Whether by boat, plane, train or automobile, my family loved to take off on adventures and we rarely went to the same place twice. …

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